Gorilla Doors

Gorilla Doors

  • gorilladoor1Gorilla Doors are the industrial strength version of the Clear Vu and SPM counterparts.
  • These hinges are designed to withstand maximum punishment and handle heavier weights.
  • These doors are perfect for large coolers and large door openings.

Gorilla Doors are designed to reduce energy usage, separate temperature between two spaces, reduce energy spoilage, and increase efficiency. Gorilla doors are most commonly utilized by grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses, seafood distributors, produce distributors, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, and commercial bakeries. These doors are made from the same PVC material used to make strip curtains, but comes in a two panel, double swing door style system. This design makes using the doors much more user friendly, stops the PVC from cross-contaminating with ingredients and products going through the door, and increases the lifespan of each panel. The gorilla panels are a thicker, heavier material than strips, and can be manufactured with an ABS impact plate at the bottom to further reinforce the door where people, pallets, carts, and forklifts would come into the most contact.

Gorilla Doors vs Strip Curtains

Gorilla doors were originally designed to replace strip curtains because of issues regarding wear and tear, as well as issues with cross-contamination. The strip curtains were having a hard time surviving industrial manufacturing facilities involving many forklifts and many trips through them daily, so customers were looking for a solution to better suit their needs. The gorilla doors are designed to last up to 30% longer than the strip doors and can withstand more of the heavy-duty traffic from the heavy production in manufacturing plants. Gorilla doors also do not drag across the top of open carts and pallets, which stops cross-contamination and prevents health inspectors from having issues with operations. The two panel system swings open, rather than drags across the top, causing no issues with the PVC touching the product.

These doors are an excellent way to reduce on production costs. The gorilla doors are predominantly designed to go in coolers and freezers, so they can create a thermal barrier preventing cold air from leaking out and warm air from raising the temperature of the walk-in box. These doors are also much more economical than the solid-core heavy duty double swing impact doors that could also be used for these applications. A gorilla door could be as little as 40% of the cost of a traffic door, and they will help save at least 30% on energy costs and food spoilage, while helping to increase the lifespan of the walk-in box compressor. Gorilla doors are an essential part of keeping manufacturing energy efficient and cost-effective.