Bakery Rack Covers

  • Bakery rack covers are designed to keep food fresher longer and save money on disposable wrappings.
  • Bakery rack covers are a great way to go green, and increase your bottom line.
  • They come in two styles, clear and woven. Both types are reusable and easy to clean.

Bakery rack covers are designed to keep food fresher and save on costly disposable packaging. Any industry that uses bun pan racks should have covers to prevent food spoilage, and to maintain temperature while dough is proofing. The bakery rack covers are the best way to cover dough, bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, and any other pastry that is being utilized by full size bakery racks. Some of the major businesses that utilize racks are, grocery stores, commercial bakeries, bagel shops, pizza parlors, donut shops, cake and cookie bakers, and breakfast/brunch restaurants.

Bun pan racks are the best way to store baked goods in between stages of being baked. For dough rack covers can be used to maintain temperatures in freezers, and for bagels, rack covers can be utilized to preserve freshness and maintain moisture before cooking.

Bakery Rack Covers Features

Disposable covers for baked goods can cost more in labor and product usage. The bakery rack covers are designed to be reused and have a lifespan of up to two years. Disposable papers for storing baked goods are only good for one use, can take more time to wrap and handle each baked good, and can cost more due to having to replace them after each usage. This also creates more waste and can be worse for the environment.

Bakery rack covers come in three different versions, and they have three zippers for easy access to the product and placement over the bun pan racks. The clear vu version is the most economical and offers complete transparency to see the products. The woven rack covers with the window are the most durable, and the woven rack covers without the window are designed for coolers, freezers, and ambient temperatures. The woven rack covers are sewn with a heavy vinyl that is much less likely to tear and be destroyed during use.

Clear Vu Heavy Duty

clvurackcover2Clear Vu Heavy Duty 12 milimeter PVC vinyl Rack Cover.

The rack cover is see through, which allows you to monitor your food.

Comes with 3 zippers for easy access to food, and allows for easy removal and addition of the rack cover.

Woven Heavy Duty

wovenrackcoverwithwindow2Woven Heavy Duty Reinforced 15 mm. PVC vinyl with Clear Vu Window.
Designed to take heavy abuse
Comes with 3 zippers for easy access to food, as well as easy addition and removal of the rack cover.