Ruff Tuff V Cam

Steel Re-Inforced, Fully Gasketed V-Cam Traffic Doors


  • Features 1-1/2” thick door panels
  • Internal welded steel frame
  • All door panels are fully gasketed
  • Built to withstand the maximum punishment
  • Built specifically for forklifts, pallet jacks and other heavy duty warehouse application.
  • Available in single panel and double panel door sets
  • Available in black, grey, blue, green, brown, red and beige (see spec sheet for color pallet)
  • Each door panel features a 3/16 polycarbonate window set in a high-impact urethane frame
  • All hardware is aluminum and stainless steel is included included
  • Customizable options: custom sizes, ABS impact panels, tear drop bumpers, full insulation, larger/smaller windows, installation anchors and limit posts
  • Proudly made in the USA


Bump doors are critical for the functionality of a business. A bump door, also known as traffic doors, cafe doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, saloon doors and warehouse doors are a great way to keep rooms separated while continuing to operate the business as efficiently as possible. Because the doors can swing in both directions, and be bumped to be opened, the efficiency of moving from room to room in a facility is greatly increased. There are no handles or other features that prevent the person from passing through and being able to walk from one place to another.

It’s well known for various industrial economies to thrive, a strong manufacturing sector is key, economists agree to this standpoint, and a major element to consider are your warehouse doors. It follows that the goods produced get bought and sold quickly, and in significant volume. To make this happen, of course, vendors and customers do best with efficient and accessible shipping and receiving operations. Such units allow for the optimal inflow and outflow of equipment and merchandise. The success of this enterprises begins and ends at the loading dock. More to the point, it starts and stops at the warehouse door. This begs the question: what custom commercial doors are best for both easy access to storage and strong protection against unauthorized entry?

Crossing the Threshold

Warehouse doors are designed to maximize the traffic of materials into and out of storage facilities. They may be roll-up designs, swinging doors or strip doors. Made of steel, wood, plastic or vinyl (or composites of each), these gates serve to protect contents from the elements; maintain a constant climate within the warehouse; block uncertified personnel from access; and separate shipments to avoid inadvertent co-mingling. These doors can also cut off noise from the outside or from other parts of the building. Since each warehouse stores distinct and various items, the doors will be equally diverse.

Features and Benefits of Bump Doors

To be sure, warehouse doors are most often wider and higher than the typical portal. Whether the repository holds retail merchandise, office supplies or heavy equipment, the doors must accommodate for the dimensions required by wholesale units. Auto parts, for example, come in differing sizes and can be shipped in containers equally diverse. At the same time, the largest doors may not be necessary if the contents can be layered of nested. The good news is that these doors are available for almost any contingency. Wide pallets might do better through a steel roll-up door than through swinging doors on hinges. Warehouse doors can be customized to each business. Automatic doors may be more expensive but, if traffic is frequent, can expedite shipments.

Settings for Bump Doors

Where can bump doors be found? It might surprise some that a facility need not be 75,000 square feet to require accessibility. Some such doors, in fact, open into storage areas that may more properly be considered stock rooms. Other settings include office buildings, schools, hospitals and even churches. Wherever a large volume of supplies is needed on a regular basis, there are bound to be commercial bump doors.

Types of Doors

When width space is tight, roll-up doors help to optimize available room. They can be manual or automatic; include lift bars or pull straps; have sill plates or not. Swing doors, on the other hand, can often accommodate taller pallets, and will be unaffected when freight is deposited flush against them on the loading dock. A third alternative is found in sliding doors. All in all, the most effective commercial doors depend on the kind of freight moved and its mode of containment.

Your warehouse doors need to be built with functionality as their main purpose. This means, they need to be able to handle all types of traffic, and be able to be installed in as many different applications as possible. The V-Cam double swing doors is the best option for warehouses because of its internally welded steel frame, its ABS plastic sheath, its elastomeric coating, and the tear drop bumpers. These features make it the strongest door on the market, and able to withstand all types of motorized traffic (forklifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, etc.). The v-cam doors are designed to last for decades, and they are the most economical on the market in their category. The v-cam impact, double swing, traffic, bump doors, are also designed with full perimeter gasketing and insulation to prevent air conditioning or cold air from escaping. When the v-cam is installed in a cooler, it will keep the temperature cold, keep the compressor working less hard, and keep the product lasting longer. It is the perfect option for making sure foods in a produce distribution or seafood distribution business stay perfect and prevent spoilage and loss of revenue.

V-Cam double swing bump doors can also be made in stainless steel. The stainless-steel sheath is perfect for hatcheries and other food manufacturers with strict health codes. It can also be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The stainless steel is extremely durable and is very easy to keep clean and sanitary. It is also a perfect option for moist environments to prevent rust.